💜Praying For All💜

As usual I just first want to take the time to give much love and gratitude to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and my entire Spiritual Team!!!∞


Hey y’all👋🏾 I hope everyone is reading this in good spirits, and if not quite there yet, I hope we are headed in that direction.


Lately there have been so many stories that are being published of people giving up and ending it all because they felt like they couldn’t go on, and it’s become so common that it sometimes seems like many have become desensitized for one reason or another.


It’s hard not to see or hear about the tragedies all over the world because they are everywhere we look when accessing our electronic devices. You can’t go on the internet or scroll social media without seeing a tragic story and it’s taking a toll on many people’s mental health.


Unfortunately, we live in an electronic era and are basically forced into being exposed to the tragedies of the world whether we want to be or not, and that’s on top of having to deal with whatever we have going on in our own personal lives.


Family, trust me I know all too well just how difficult and unkind this life can feel sometimes, but I want to tell you all to please just hold on and stay encouraged.


I know we’ve all heard it countless times that trouble doesn’t last always; and I know that sometimes it can be hard hearing that depending on what we’re going through because it can feel like the trouble has been lasting a lifetime. But I also know that we have something that we can look back on and remember a time where we’ve overcome a difficult situation when we didn’t feel like we would while we were going through whatever it was that we were experiencing at that time.


So, hold on to those memories whenever you need a reminder. Reassure yourself that just like God made a way then, He will make a way now.


Even if you don’t have anyone around to encourage you, remember to encourage yourself.


If there is no one around to be kind to you, remember to be kind to yourself.


Always remember to love yourself and practice self-care even if you can only spare a few minutes a day to do so.


Be that friend to yourself that you desire to have, because as long as you have you then you have the support of the person who matters.


Please don’t give up. There is better on the other side, and God keeps His promises and will always be there for you even when you may think He’s not.


Anyway, I just wanted to make this quick post because it was on my heart to let you all know that someone loves and cares about you and you are not alone even though it may feel like it sometimes.


I know this world can feel lonely and like crap at times, but I hope that you all will stick around and see it through so that you can enjoy the beauty that is waiting on the other side.


If you haven’t already, accept Jesus into your heart and remember to always keep God first.


I am praying for us all.


Thank you so much for sharing some of your precious and valuable time here with me today, I truly appreciate you.


Remember God loves you, and so do I!


Peace 💜