Happy 2023

Happy 2023!!!


I give GOD All the Praise and All the Glory



Thank You God!!!

Thank You Jesus!!!

Thank you Holy Spirit!!!



Thank You Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, and my Entire Spiritual Team!!!



We made it y’all 🙌🏾🎉 Let’s make this year our best year yet and really show the world what the Kingdom of God is truly all about.



I know some won’t understand why my thanks goes beyond God alone, but what matters is that I consult with God about everything, that He understands, and that He continues to guide me through His ways.



Every thanks that I give beyond God is just showing that I am grateful for all of the help that The Most High God has sent. I am here because of my ancestors because they are part of who I am, and through God healing me I am able to help heal our bloodline. Their blood still runs through my veins, such as my mother. Although she is no longer here in the physical, I am here because she birthed me. Whatever she left here that still needed healing God has passed the torch to me to complete what she started, and for that I am thankful, but that does not equate to me conjuring up her spirit.



I do not participate in any type of sorcery or things that are not of The Most High God, nor do I worship any other god that may exist. However, I think that with so many things circulating the internet these days some of the things of God may get misconstrued. The Bible even says in 1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God…” So trust that I thoroughly do my testing and confirm everything with The Father.



Not that it truly matters what others think, but what does matter is that I do not deter anyone from seeking God, getting to know Jesus, and allowing the Holy Spirit in; so for those reasons I am choosing to clarify.



I love God more than I can express with words, and the more I grow and evolve, the last thing that I want to do is disappoint Him or do anything that goes against what He wants for me, His children, or His kingdom. I am also so in love with and thankful for Jesus that I definitely don’t want to steer anyone away from getting to truly know who He is and accepting Him into their life either. And The Holy Spirit has been so amazing that my desire is that everyone experiences the Spirit in major ways the same way that I and many others have as well.



My faith lies in my Heavenly Father, and through this I have been blessed to understand the role that Jesus plays in our lives, not the misconceptions that have been created by the false doctrine and images of our savior which have turned many away from the truth.



Anyway, I will not turn this post into a long-drawn-out explanation of my wording because it is really just a post to once again praise God for not only just allowing me and my children to see another year, but entering into it happy, healthy, loved, and with a renewed spirit, mind, and heart.



I pray that we all continue to experience God in beautiful ways. I pray that those who have not yet gotten to know Jesus gets to know Him, and that those who already know Him strengthen their relationship with Him. I pray that The Holy Spirit continues to show up and show out in major ways in our lives. I pray that this is a highly blessed and prosperous year not just for me and mine, but for all of His children. In the mighty name of Jesus filled with the wonderful and loving Holy Spirit I pray for us all – Amen



Happy New Year Everyone!



Remember God loves you, and so do I


Peace 💜