Farewell 2022…Transparency

As usual I just first want to take the time to give much love and gratitude to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and my entire Spiritual Team!!!∞


Hey y’all👋🏾 I hope everyone is reading this in good spirits, and if not quite there yet, I hope we are headed in that direction.


We’re wrapping up December and 2022 that fast already. Time is seriously flying by whether it’s been fun or not 😆.


I know that I said there are new things coming and that hasn’t changed.


This post is going to be about being transparent.


As I have mentioned in previous posts, I literally have many jobs that I have to tend to without any assistance in the physical. It’s just me and the Most High God, and thankfully He is and has always been truly amazing to me. Without Him I would not be here.


Although this period in my life hasn’t been easy, it’s most definitely been truly blessed.


My children and I are thriving in many ways and areas of our lives, and we are just continuing to become the best versions of ourselves as we patiently wait on God’s promises.


Before the end of the year, which is literally only a few hours away my time, I had planned to post some things that I have that I just hadn’t uploaded. Some that were written recently and others that are from my journals. Basically, things that I believe will help those that it’s meant to help.


God is still guiding me on this journey, and He has instructed me to rest. However, I’ll admit it hasn’t been easy because I’m not too sure that I have been resting enough (since there seems to always be so much for me to tend to and it can still sometimes feel a little bit overwhelming), and then sometimes I feel like I have rested too much and haven’t been accomplishing enough.


Thankfully though, I have really learned to allow God to do what it is that He does and trust the process even when it hasn’t been easy.


 I am excited about what’s to come, and I know that God has given me this vison and entrusted me with “Love Individually” to do what it is that He has created me to do.


So, you all will probably be seeing many posts being uploaded close together over the next few days/weeks, so get ready 😊.


Anyway, I want to get further into detail about many things that God has placed on my heart to share so I’ll just be touching base here.


I can’t stress enough how much this journey hasn’t been easy. And I also want to say again that hearing others in my situation speak on their experiences has helped me to keep pushing through because I know that it’s not just me who God is forcing out of a comfort zone and I am not going crazy 😌, although it can definitely feel like it sometimes.


Like I said we’re being transparent here.


Often times it’s hard to get people to understand when God has you on a path and you are directed to do things that may look crazy to those who thought they knew you, no matter how you try to explain it to them. Thankfully, God has created me in a way that allows me to understand things from multiple perspectives, and that has been exceptionally helpful on this journey.


Don’t get me wrong, there was definitely a time when there were many things that I didn’t understand and so many things that made absolutely no sense to me. But God had a plan, and I am grateful beyond words just how patient He has been with me because I know that I can be stubborn.


Again, we’re being transparent here.


I have suffered through so many things in this life and have questioned God to the extreme sometimes. Fortunately, He has allowed me to express myself in ways that I have never been able to do with people.


God has allowed me to be authentically me without having to change myself in order to be accepted as people sometimes do in order to fit in with their peers. Besides, I have always been the “odd” one since a very young age most of the time because I never felt like I fit in with those around me.


I guess because of that it wasn’t that difficult to finally surrender completely to my Heavenly Father because He always made it to where I would be extremely uncomfortable if I tried to do things just to try to fit in.


When I gave birth to my first child a few weeks before my 25th birthday I knew that my old ways could no longer be and that was really when I made significant changes in my life although there were still many changes that had to occur. Fast forward 9 years later when my mother died in 2014 I knew that we didn’t have any more support in the physical so therefore I drilled it in my mind that failure was not an option for me, especially since she was the last person that I knew would love my children as close as possible to the way I do and now she was no longer here in the physical.


I knew early on that God was going to use me to break generational curses and that’s why I was always set apart. I’m not sure what decisions I would have been making by now today, but I can definitely assure you that God chose this life for me; I didn’t choose it for myself. I am happy that I finally got in agreement though, because although it’s been rough, there are so many thigs that have gotten so much better since surrendering to God, allowing the Holy Spirit in, and getting to know Jesus better.


I still experience major setbacks in my life, and in fact as we speak I am still overcoming one of the most difficult periods of my life to date. However, it’s different this time around because I allow God to guide me and no longer feel as though I have to figure everything out on my own.


I just really wanted to make a post before closing out this year to share with you all that the saying “new levels, new devils” is true. But I also want to let you know that if you allow God in and follow His instructions you can rest assure that like the scriptures says in Isaiah 54:17 “No weapons formed against you shall prosper.”


Again, we will all experience things in this life that are hard to deal with, and some that will even be so hard that we don’t even know how we’ll go on, but God will always be there to guide you if you allow Him in.


This is just the beginning of the transparent posts that I will be adding to the site because this has barely even scratched the surface. But the op has also been doing his job in creating distractions, but God is with me always and I am completely and whole heartedly confident that God’s plan will prevail.


So remember even if the grass looks greener on the other side don’t be fooled and stay the course that is yours.


I am praying for us all that God continues to strengthen us and that His children continue to come out of hiding to do what we were put here to do.


I believe that it is important for us to share some of our struggles to allow those that are going through it to understand that we all have our own experiences that made us feel like we couldn’t go on. But look at us still pushing through, and you can and will too.


I know that I haven’t discussed that much in great detail as I said, but just know that I have survived all kinds of abuse (mental, physical, emotional, sexual, financial just to name a few), setbacks, tragedies, you name it, but God didn’t allow any of that to stop His plans for my life and I am thriving despite the obstacles that have been in my way, and so will you.


There will be posts speaking on the different things that I have endured over the years instead of just trying to jumble them all together in one post so that you can really see the bigger picture.


Until then, I just want to let you all know that I am praying for you as I know many others are as well. God is doing something major right now so please don’t give up and just hold on a little longer.


And of course before I go I just want to say that I sincerely appreciate and thank each and every one of you that shared some of your precious time here with me today and I hope that my words were able to encourage you and let you know that everything will be alright just as long as you hold on and don’t give up.


I know it’s not easy and I am sending you virtual hugs 🥰


Remember God loves you and so do I


Peace 💜