Remembering the “WHY”

God, I thank you! Jesus, I thank you! Holy Spirit, I thank you! The Love and Gratitude that I have for the Most High God and my entire Spiritual Team is immeasurable, so my words don’t come close to expressing my feelings, love, and appreciation for how blessed I am!

I recently noticed that I sometimes put in my writings that this level of sharing is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I also discovered it is to remind myself that just like times in the past when I have been uncomfortable, I pushed through and accomplished the goal. Following where the Holy Spirit leads me has never failed me. I know that I am divinely guided and protected so the outcome of me sharing my thoughts, messages, and experiences will further outweigh the uncomfortableness I may temporarily feel. I know that this will bless those who God intends for it to bless.

So Why Love Individually?

Well, the why is…

Because God says so, and of course I can’t tell Him no. After all, He is the reason

Because I want others to know they are not alone and we’re all here and figuring out this thing called life together, and it’s ok to release fear and old habits

Because sharing my experience with God, and feeling truly Blessed and Happy after so much trauma and pain will hopefully remind others just how able and real He truly is

Because ever since I have surrendered myself completely to the Most High and followed my heart and soul’s purpose, my life has never been better, and it only continues to get greater and strengthens my relationship with God

Because I know that throughout the years, I have been able to make a difference in many situations in a positive way and it’s time for me to expand outside of that box I didn’t fit in but had remained for years out of tradition

Because it is time for me to fully step into the position God has for me in helping people understand that it is definitely possible and necessary to have a great personal relationship with Him and it doesn’t have to be through any organized religion

Because I know it’s all connected, and I believe in each one-teach one, and a plus is I’ll be learning more in the process as well

Because I understand that everything isn’t for everybody and although I may not be able to help all, I will be able to help those who I am for, such as those who can relate to my story and experiences in a way that they couldn’t relate to others or felt others could relate to theirs

Because in the end it’s all out of Love, and I have love for so many different things individually and I’m ready to spread that love, and i know that those that my content is meant for it will reach

Because although I haven’t posted my writings consistently (it’s coming), I am still committed to this journey, and want this to also be yet another reminder to myself and others that we are all worthy to be loved individually

Because as long as we always remember the “why”, we’ll keep going and never forget this is bigger than us


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