Sharing Is Caring ๐Ÿ’œ

God I thank you!!!โˆž

I want to take a moment to show my love and gratitude to God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and my Entire Spiritual Team. I give God so much praise because of my love and appreciation for all the amazing blessings and lesson I have experienced in this life as well as for all of the beautiful blessings not yet seen. I am also grateful for such a wonderful relationship I have with Him unrelated to religion.

Well, here we are wrapping up September already. I know I canโ€™t be the only one feeling like time is going by in record speed. Itโ€™s funny but not funny how time seems to do that when you have things that you need to accomplish, and it starts to feel like you donโ€™t have enough time.

I meant to post something last week in order to space out my dedicated four posts for the month of September, but it just didnโ€™t happen that way. I am still sure that things will work out exactly as intended. Thanks to God for giving me the strength and ability to get it done.

I know already that eventually this site will become better than what I even envisioned, so I just want to make sure that I am staying true to the authenticity of the content while also making sure that it is not lacking the love and passion behind the vision and the assignment.

Being genuine is something that is important to me, even when the truth can sting a little Iโ€™d still much rather have that over fake and phony.

On that note, I plan to start sharing with you all some of the things that I am passionate about and do for fun and relaxation. I wanna share some of the things that bring me joy and tranquility away from the noise and commotion of the outside world.

So, even though I have experienced a great deal of trauma in my life and want to share some of my story surrounding that, I am most looking forward to and want to share with others some of the things that have gotten me through and continues to get me through it all.

Going from living in survival mode for many years to actually feeling pure peace and joy even during trying times is something that is still absolutely amazing to me. I want to share my testimony and share how God has continued to love, support, and provide for me and my babies, and how He has continued to reveal Himself to me throughout the years.

I want to share my experiences with both the trials and triumphs to help motivate and inspire those who may feel alone.

I want to share for the people looking for inspiration to keep going after so much pain.

I want to share so people know and understand that there are people out here that are trying to reach their highest potential and not giving up in spite of all the obstacles in their way in order to spread hope.

I want to share to hopefully show reasons why we shouldnโ€™t be so quick to judge others and remember weโ€™re just on the outside looking in.

I want to share to encourage others to also share a testimony or few so it can help someone else out who may be dealing with some of the same struggles that the sharer has now overcome or learned to cope with.

It can be easier sometimes hearing from those who we can relate to on a personal level, and the more we continue to share our stories the more we could possibly be helping someone else, because I believe sharing our healing journey can help others who are seeking healing too.

Soโ€ฆ until next time I hope you all stay encouraged, find peace within, and experience true happiness. I love you all!

Peace ๐Ÿ’œ